Exchange Server Repair

Does your Exchange Server mailbox exhibiting below mentioned issues?
  • Error messages like “JET errors”, “CRC errors” or others.
  • Not able to access or retrieve any of your mails or other items from the mailbox.
  • Exchange server become unresponsive and hangs at times while performing any task.
  • None of your queries or actions are addressed properly as you are not getting what you wanted.
  • Or several others.

Well, if your answer is “YES” then no doubt you are in trouble and your Exchange Server database file i.e. (.edb) file is either corrupt or damaged. In order to access the contents stored in that file you have to repair it either by using ESEUTIL and ISINTEG inbuilt command-line utilities or by using third party EDB Repair Tool. These inbuilt tools may not resolve most of your corruption issues of EDB file, so it is better you go with the third party tool to repair and restore inaccessible mailbox of Exchange Server database.

exchange server recovery

Reasons behind Exchange Server Database file or (.edb) file corruption

There are numerous reasons behind the corruption of the EDB file, some of the common ones are listed below, so just have a look –

  • Sudden termination of the Exchange Server while it is working on something.
  • Corruption of database header file.
  • Macro virus attacks that corrupt some database files and make its data inaccessible.
  • Presence of bad sector in the storage media causing logical damage.
  • Storage media corruption either due to power surge or something similar leads to physical damage and data lose.
  • Unknown errors like “JET errors” that can cause inaccessibility of EDB file and its data.
  • Memory error due to certain shortage of memory or storage space.

How to repair damaged/corrupt Exchange Server database or (.edb) file?

When Exchange mailbox database gets corrupt all its data become inaccessible and it is really very tiresome job to restore that data back. You can restore it either by using valid updated backup file or by using inbuilt command-line utility i.e. ESEUTIL and ISINTEG . These tools work with database files like (EDB), LOG files, STM files and others and perform wide range of operations like offline defragmentation, integrity check, database repair and so on. But the issue with this inbuilt database repair solutions provided by Microsoft is it does not guarantee the accurate database repair results. So, the best alternative to repair the corrupt (.edb) file and access its data is to use third party EDB Repair Tool which will effectively repair your corrupt database files and extract user mailboxes as a distinct PST files that can directly be imported and used in Outlook. So, just download Exchange Server Database Repair Tool and recover your crucial stuffs in seconds.

Common Exchange Server Database Errors

  • "Sever Specific Error 4294966278 (JET_errReadVerifyFailure)"
  • "Unable to read the log file header"
  • "The information store terminated abnormally"
  • "Database or database element is corrupt"
  • "Error 0xfffff05b"
  • "-1305 Jet_errObjectNotFound"
  • "Error Opening Message Store"
  • "An MTA database server error was encountered. Error accessing object attribute (AAT) on a Read/Write operation."

Features of EDB Repair Software

Saves Recovered Mailbox in PST Format - After the damaged (EDB file) is repaired, The Exchange Server software facilitate the user to save the recorded files as a PST file which can be easily moved in the mail items and MS outlook.

Recovers accidently deleted mailboxes –Exchange Server Recovery is hugely helpful in restoring and recovering the user mailboxes, which have been accidently, deleted.

Corrupt Exchange Server Recovery – The tool repairs the damaged and corrupt Exchange database files (EDB), it restores the entire unreachable mailboxes in to working condition PST files. You can import the files to your MS outlook & recover contact to all your mail components.

Selective Mailbox Exchange Recovery – After scanning and repairing the damaged Exchange database files, this software lists all the mailboxes with their recoverable all mail stuff. The software also allows you to choose any exacting mailbox and execute selective EDB recovery.

Preview All Recoverable Mail Items – This software preview all the recover mail items, before recovery. Exchange Server Software scans the damaged or corrupt EDB files and lists the entire recoverable mail stuff from the unreachable mailboxes in the structure.

Generates log reports of Entire Recovery – The software creates and allows the user to save details the log report of all the recovery procedure. It stores the total history of the recovery process, recovery date and time, recovered folders, including the path of the scanned EDB files etc.